The Bali Province task force team again announced the addition of 13 positive cases of COVID-19. The total number of positive Corona patient cases in Bali currently reaches 300 people.The Government of the Province of Bali, through the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19, can convey the development of treatment in the Province of Bali is the cumulative number of positive patients 300 people, added 13 Indonesian citizens. Consists of 7 PMI and 6 local transmissions, said the Regional Secretary ( Secretary) Bali Dewa Made Indra in his written statement, Friday (05/08/2020)


The cumulative total of patients who are still in care or active cases is 101 people. They were treated in 11 referral hospitals and quarantine sites managed by the Bali Provincial Government.

"The number of positive patients in the treatment of active cases is 101 people who are in 10 hospitals, and are quarantined by Bapelkesmas and BPK Pering," Indra said.

Meanwhile, good news came from patients who recovered, which added 12 people, bringing the total number of patients who recovered in Bali to 195. While those who died due to COVID-19 were still 4 people. "The number of patients who have recovered is 195 people, adding 12 Indonesian citizens, consisting of 5 PMI and 7 non-PMI people. The number of patients who died was 4," Indra explained.( )