The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) said that the corona virus outbreak began to have a negative impact on the tourism industry. The Chairman of PHRI Hariyadi Sukamdani said the derivative impact of the corona virus outbreak had made hotel room and flight bookings to Bali canceled. The cancellation was mainly from tourists from China. "We check that Bali has already canceled 40 thousand hotel room orders. 20 thousand foreign tourists have canceled flights," he said at the Business Gathering event held by Apindo, Kadin and Hipmi at Hotel Indonesia, Friday (02/07/2020).


He said the Indonesian tourism sector would be even more hit if the spread of the Corona virus continued. Moreover, the government has decided to stop all flights to and from China. The step was taken in line with the steps of the World Health Organization which decided the corona virus outbreak as a global health emergency.

Even though the tourism industry is affected, Hariyadi is grateful for the corona virus outbreak when the industry is in a low season cycle or low demand at the beginning of the year. He hoped the effects of the Corona virus would not be protracted and could be resolved by the Chinese government.

So far, the corona virus outbreak has slowed the pace of the Chinese economy. A number of automotive factories in Hubei are also still closed. Not to mention that flights to the State of Panda were also limited, even canceled.

"Although it is no more deadly than SARS, the spread of the Corona virus is faster. We have never faced a situation like this. Fortunately, now it is low season, if it continues until the end of February it can be dangerous," Hariyadi said.(